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Re: pc hanging frequently


Since it seems to be IRQ-related, are there any devices you can remove from the system and/or add back in one by one until the system detects it/them and puts them in their proper place?  Also what do you have in /proc - look there for more clues.


On 10/3/06, Stephen Liu <satimis yahoo com> wrote:
Hi folks,

gnome desktop
Athlon 1.4G
2thMax mobo 8KHA

PC hung frequently while running Firefox and "yum update" on console.
Therefore I started runlevel 3 (init3, textmode) discovering the cause
as follow;

# yum update
download 1/32 openoffice.org-co ================
Soft lockup detected on CPU#0
<c643dacd> Soft lockup_tick+0x90/0xal
<c0423ds0> update_process_times+0x35/0x5
<c0406134> time interruppt+0x60/0x98
<c643db6a> handle_IRQ_events+0x23/0x4c
<c6405042> do_IRQ+0x70/0x80

PC hung here.

I tried several times encountering the same problem. Having checked
BIOS pages and can't find any change there.

Please help. TIA


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