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Winhelp is empty?

I do not know much about Linux. I am not quite young yet. I was very happy when I succeeded to install Wine to my Fedora Core 5 by running "yum install wine".

I wanted to run strategic war game SPWAW in Wine, but the large information about Wine I can find from the Net is a bit confusing. From my desktop on Applications > System Tools I find "winhelp". But when I open it -  a window, some kind of resource manager - there seems to be nothing. I also wanted to find the wine-folder from my computer. I will suppose it were located in /usr/bin but it is not there. If I write "find wine" or call for the very famous dog Beagle (Why is it not installed in Fedora distribution?) it does not help me any.

The usual "man wine" opens but a newbie would appreciate something more readable.

As an intelligent (?) guess I will do the installing of SPWAW in the following way:
mkdir SPWAW
wine install.exe
........  as in Windows98 or WindowsXP

And running the game:


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