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network route

Lemme try again, I'm still in a learning curve here on this DSL / Static
IP address thing. 

I have a Bell South DSL modem
I set the modem to "passthrough" mode
I assign these values to my FC5 machine using network control. 
IP address:
DNS name		dns.asm.bellsouth.net

Is there anything that I am missing? I have localhost set up as well. 
Do I need to set up a route? Route add? I have none at the present. 
I used to have a route set up using dial up to a static IP account years
ago, so I'm thinking I need one now. 

Yes, I have to stop and start the network a bunch of times to enable my
DHCP setup before it will work, when I am force to use it. Then it gets
stable. I have to have network manager service running for DHCP mode to
resolve the names. When I go passthrough, the problem is resolving names
whether I have network manager running or not. I'm thinking of just
deleting eth0 and starting from scratch. I have had this crate running
just fine, then BOOM! It goes down. What I would like is to have this
thing running in old timey mode where I have the edits down pat and rely
on nothing automated or gui. The modem is supposed to play dead, in
passthrough mode and allow me to connect to the Gateway directly. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. A friend suggested I use bridge
mode instead of passthough. The modem will do either. Thanks for any
considerations. Ric

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