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Re: How to create a DVD image with very large files?

On 10/4/06, Mogens Kjaer <mk crc dk> wrote:
Patrick Doyle wrote:
> For some reason, this makes me think that mkisofs isn't happy with my
> 6.5 Gbyte tarball.

I think this is a limitation with the ISO 9660 standard.

So a 64 bit machine, etc. etc. won't help.

Try making a UDF file system instead.

Thanks. I'll try that.  Umm... any idea how I would try that?

I don't see any menu options in GnomeBaker for creating a UDF file system.

I tried installing K3b, created a DVD project, changed the DVD Size to
8.0 GB, and checked the "Generate UDF structures" checkbox under the
"Filesystem" tab of the project properties.  When I click on my 6.5GB
tarball, I get a message that says "It is not possible to add files
bigger than 4 GB"

I would be glad to use command line tools to do this.  (Actually, I
would _prefer_ to use command line tools, but I just assumed that the
GUI tools had more users pounding on them.)

I am open to suggestions...


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