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Re: trash folder not found and i want to recover last deleted file

yogesh banasdairy coop wrote:
> hi i have no trash folder on my desktop
> and i delete one file
> that is very important
> and i want to recover it
> i not delete it permenantly (not use shift+delete)
> can any one help me from where i recover it

The Trash folder stores its data in a hidden directory called ".Trash" in your home directory. So in
the location bar of the file browser (press Ctrl+L for it to appear if it's not already), then type
in "~/.Trash/" and press Enter for it to navigate there. Then find the file you want to recover and
drag it to your desktop or any other folder you want it to be moved back to.

(Alternatively, you can add the Trash applet to your panel, then simply click on that to go to the
trash. I rather like this method because then to delete pretty much anything, I just drag it to that
panel icon.)
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