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FC5 update to kernel 2187 hangs at bootime

Hi all,

I have had some troubles with FC5 on an intel board using the radeon xpress 200 chipset, after searching forums i was informed that a bug was introduced just before the official release regarding the kernel not loading non-GPL modules which the nvidia.ko is a part of ... so I did then install in text mode .... booted the OS changed xorg.conf to run the "vesa" driver and all was sweet!!

My real problem is that I decided to update the kernel from 2.6.15-1.2054_FC5 to ... i am not able to boot into this kernel it hangs when it attempting to start the services... i am assuming that another module is not been loaded and thus hanging. My system specs are;

 Intel Pentium D Dual Core 805 2.667Ghz 533FSB 2x1Mb cache LGA775 CPU,
 512Mb DDR2 533Mhz memory,
 Intel D102GGC2L motherboard,
 Intel High Definition Audio,
 High Performance 80Gb SATA II 7200 8Mb cache HDD with NCQ,
 ATI Radeon Express 200 graphics,

I'd appreciate any hints as how to resolve this issue.


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