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Re: Repartitioning HD

Louis Garcia wrote:
Just got a new laptop with winxp installed. Can fedora installer
repartition the hard drive to shrink the ntfs drive so I can install

I can install partition magic and do it that way but just wanted to ask.
I do want to keep the windows install.


I prefer to have the disk partitioned before installing fedora so I use gparted-livecd. I did it a couple of times and works perfectly. Once you have prepared the CD, start the PC with it and then launch gparted. It is very likely that the first time it gives you an error or simply says it cannot change the partition. This is correct. Now start WinXP again and it will complain about consistency of the drive. It will run autochk. After it, reboot the system again with gparted-livecd and launch gparted again. Now it should work without problems.

When you again start WinXP, if I remember well it will check the drive consistency again (see http://gparted.sourceforge.net/larry/resize/resizing.htm) and run autochk again. But after that your are ready


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