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FC4->FC5 KDE authentication

Hi folks.

Following on from my earlier kmail problems, I think I've narrowed it down.

My home is on a FC4 server and if I log in locally (walking up to it, or using 
VNC) then kmail works fine.

If I log in remotely from one of my other servers, or any of the workstations 
(all running FC5) kmail fails.

It starts up, but then either immediately pops up a window saying it can't 
start the process pop3, or it first asks for a password before doing 

The problem would appear to be 1) incompatability between FC4/FC5 or the KDE 
installed on them, 2) the ssh connection I use to connect the two, or 3) a 
combination of the two.

I've only been experiencing the problem for a few weeks, and from memory 
coinsided with a 'yum update' run on the FC5 systems.

Anyone got any ideas.

Gary Stainburn
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