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Re: Installation problem

Venkat N wrote:
Thank you Jim.Thanks for your immediate reply. I replaced the driver 'radeon' with 'vesa' in xorg.conf file . Now I am able to go to GUI mode. I set the resolution to 1024x768. Now its looking good. -venkat

It is great that using the vesa driver instead of the radeon driver works for you. I was wondering also about the possibility that all of the options that you used during install still being loaded in the /etc/grub.conf (linked file). Some of the options that you installed with might limit the functionality of your running system. For example, if I install with the option ide=nodma it will be loaded in the grub.file when the install is completed. If I installed with acpi=on it would also be in the grub.conf file and would ensure the option is on. I suppose that the install options are limiting your installed system somewhat regarding the video performance.
What does your grub.conf file have as options on the kernel line?


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