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Re: get back deleted file

On 10/5/06, yogesh banasdairy coop <yogesh banasdairy coop> wrote:
i try but in user home directory folder i not get .trash/.Trash file

i delete one file and i want to get it back can it possible
i sure that i not delete it permenantly

so if any idea with out trash than share with me

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If you have ext3fs, I found the following which supports my suggestion
to grep the hard drive for a string in the file.


Q: How can I recover (undelete) deleted files from my ext3 partition?
Actually, you can't! This is what one of the developers, Andreas
Dilger, said about it:

In order to ensure that ext3 can safely resume an unlink after a
crash, it actually zeros out the block pointers in the inode, whereas
ext2 just marks these blocks as unused in the block bitmaps and marks
the inode as "deleted" and leaves the block pointers alone.

Your only hope is to "grep" for parts of your files that have been
deleted and hope for the best.

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