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sockets related functionalities on Fedora Linux

Dear All,

I am working on a networking application using socket and C programming. I need a functionality to manipulate routing table and for that I need SYSCTL API (it is part of socket interface). Now, the problem is that I cannot find the relevant library. I have to do this work using IOCTL API but it is not as versatile as the SYSCTL. Further, when I ran a script that checks the funcionalities (libraries) present on the system, it said that Fedora Core -4/5 which I am using, do not have the lirbaries. Same thing happened when I was looking for API to access the Data Link Layer and packet generation/sniffing operations.

The impression I am getting is that Unix supports a much wider range of sockets related functionalities than Linux, as the material (Stevens, Sockets Programming book) I am following refers to Unix for all such functionalities in explanations.

Is there any way I could add these libraries? For this do I have to recompile the kernel?

Thank you very much,

Abid Ghufran.

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