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Re: FC5 - ISO burning

On 10/6/06, Mark Haney <mhaney ercbroadband org> wrote:
> Also for me k3b is rock solid
> I think that the problem is connected to burning a bin/cue pair. The
> MD5SUM is fine, then I get such an error.
> Another comment to burning procedure: it is crazy that I have to
> unmount a device if I want to delete a CD/RW: it has to be solved
> urgently otherwise people coming from Windows will go back to Windows
> (especially non-tech people)
You know, I have found that with .bin/.cue files on linux the .cue file
doesn't always find the .bin file because of case. I've had to rename my
.bin files to exactly match the case listed in the CUE file.  Windows
not being case sensitive by default won't have that problem.

Good guess, but remember that Antonio has got an iso. If your guess is
correct, he will need to re-create the iso.

Indeed, k3b has worked badly here, whereas cdrecord, cdrdao, growisofs
have never failed.


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