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Re: Dual boot fedora and windoz-xp

On 6 Oct 2006 at 1:28, John Bowden wrote:

> I have just installed Fedora on its own 40GB hard drive on a
> dual boot system. I told the installer to use the empty 40GB,
> (slave) and go for the default partition - lvm set up. Grub was
> installed on the master disk as for default. When I reboot I
> don't get any grub screen giving me a choice of o/s , it just
> goes straight into xp. Is there a key combination I can press to
> get into grub? I have been using Mandriva for about two years so
>  I'm not quite a Linux newbie, but I do not have much experience
> with Grub, as Mandriva uses Lilo. I rebooted with the Fedora
> core 5 DVD and went into the repair option, but not being a
> linux comand line expert could not do much with it. I typed
> grubconfig and got no recognised command. I then typed grub and
> got to a grub - bash like shell, after which typing grub help
> gave me a list of options none of which seemed to be much help
> to me as a Fedora / grub newbie! Can any one give me some
> advice?

I'm a Linux Newbie, period.  However, I did manage to get this aspect working and 
the following link helped me understand what I needed to do.


Just got my printer running through my SMC router/print server after a week and half 
of trial and error.  Next is getting my Haupagge PVR350 to work.  This one could be 

Andreas (Andy) Roddau
BitBuilt Software

Misspelled? Impossible. My modem is error correcting!

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