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Re: get back deleted file

yogesh banasdairy coop wrote:
i try but in user home directory folder i not get .trash/.Trash file

i delete one file and i want to get it back can it possible
i sure that i not delete it permenantly

so if any idea with out trash than share with me

It's not clear exactly what your question is.

Are you asking what method can be used to non-permanently delete
files? If so, the Gnome automatically does that for you. I suspect
that KDE also has such a technique.

Are you asking what method you can use to get back a file which
you accidentally deleted from the command line? The very best way
to handle this is to keep backups of all important files. Unfortunately,
if you have not done that and use a command line delete, then you
go into the area of data recovery, which is non trivial.

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