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Re: script help request

On Friday, Oct 6th 2006 at 11:07 -0400, quoth Anthony J Placilla:

=>Ok, my perl-fu is non-existent.
=>I have a dir on an FTP server that contains multiple files that have a
=>naming structure like so
=>the value d_<whatever> will be a number that is actually can be mapped
=>to a name
=>for example, 81230 will be jsmith
=>82111 will be mdoe
=>I want to replace the number string with the name in each of, say 500
=>files & run it out of cron
=>pointers or clues would be welcome. I am militantly unopposed to using
=>*any* tool, (perl, php, sed & awk or waving dead chickens) to get the
=>job done

Done with 100% Pure Bash. No adulterations. Feel free to pee into it to 
suit your taste.


typeset -a ddat
typeset ii
typeset jj
typeset lpart	# last part
typeset fpart	# first part
typeset value


for ii in *.txt
    for jj in "${ddat[ ]}"
	[[ "$fpart" = ${jj%:*} ]] && mv $ii ${fpart}d_${jj#*:}_${lpart#*_}

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