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recent yum update, urgent help please

I just updated my fedora core 5 release by running "yum update" and proceeded to install all available updates, including kernel. The previous kernel was the 2111smp version it was running on it. We booted off the most recent installed kernel and then shutdown and revereted back to the previous working kernel.

This machine serves as a router and has several nics. After rebooting, with iptables stopped and all nics up, we cannot get any connectivity into the box via ssh, ping or otherwise. Previously this worked. We can ssh from the updated box outbound on one of the interfaces but not the others.

Any suggesstions where to start? Could this be new selinux policy that is affecting this? etc? I am sorry as I am not at the console but an associate is over the phone and I need some good place to start looking for what the issue is.

thank you!

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