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Re: Cursor problem

i am a total newbie but some years ago i faced the same problem[with
suse linux if i recall]
what i did is a complete reinstallation and the problem was gone!!!!

i propose this as a last minute solution if nothing else works.....

On 10/7/06, Peter (Zebar) Astakhov <astakhovp elinar-broiler ru> wrote:

I bought motherboard Gigabyte GA-K8N51PVMT-9 on chipset GeForce 6150 and
installed FC5. I can't see cursor in X. When computer loading, and rhgb
show the progress of loading, I see cursor and everything OK. When
computer is loaded and X started, there is no viewable cursor on the
screen. I move mouse, all necessary menus etc are highlighted, but no
cursor. I update kernel and xorg - result the same. I installed nvidia
drivers for video from livna - but result the same - no cursor.
What shall I do?

With best regard, Peter (Zebar) Astakhov

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