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Re: network route

How do,

On Fri, 2006-10-06 at 00:43 -0400, Ric Moore wrote:

> BellSouth "The Ultimate Repository of all things Linux"
> Results of a search on "Linux"
> ----------------------------------------------------
> Did you mean...
> I'm sorry, we didn't find any search results for "linux".
> Did you mean "line?"

Nope, the following link & watch the wrap on this one :-( Probably best
to copy/paste the link into your browser ;-)


The following info in particular;

Q: What Static IP packages does BellSouth offer? How do I set it up?
        A: BellSouth FastAccess offers a single static IP for
        residential service. BellSouth also offers single static or
        multi-static IPs for business class customers.
        Residential Single Static IP Service 
      * Customers with residential service may get a single static IP
        address. It is an additional $14.95 per month on the Lite and
        Ultra packages. A single static IP is optionally included
        (dynamic IP is standard) at no extra charge on the Extreme
      * The WAN IP is not a true static IP. It is dynamically assigned
        through your username via PPP, however it is always the same IP.
      * Single static requires no special setup or configuration to the
        modem, router, or NIC. Use the standard FAQs and procedures to
        configure the equipment exactly the same way you would a dynamic
        PPP connection.
      * Customers must configure their routers, modems, or NICs to
        automatically obtain the IP address. Do not try to hard code
        your WAN IP!
      * The static IP is based on your username and the login format is
        username bellsouth net  

> -----------------------------------------------------
> Kill me now. Ric


Lexington, Kentucky U.S.A.

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