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Positive Fedora Vibes

Hi folks -

Just caught up on the current Linux Action Show podcast while cooking the tea here


These guys are ex-Mac folks, recent believers in Ubuntu, but in this episode one of them tries FC6 Tests and is converted. He was using specifically a Mac box that liked Fedora a lot more than Ubuntu, but still, he was remarking not only on the art and the finish and polish of it but the stability and speed.

Despite it just got pushed out a little I also think FC6 will be the best Fedora ever, a very fast hibernate is working on this Intel-based laptop, and so is Compiz: ipw3945 wireless works with minor fiddling.

And then there's this:


''...I estimate each Vista user will cost your company between $3,250 and $5,000. That's each and every Vista user. ...''


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