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portknocking question

Hi there,

I have really specific needs and wondering if somebody has written a port knocker out there already that fits the criteria of what I am looking for.

Portknocker capabilities:

1) User needs to telnet to specific port and/or log into a website.
2) Learns the IP address that the user is coming from in step 1.
3) Opens ssh port to specifically to the IP address grabbed in step 1 but also keeps ssh port open to statically defined IPs in /etc/rc.firewall .
4) As soon as the user disconnects from the ssh port the IP address in step 1 no longer can access the ssh port unless they log back in like the procedure in step 1.

I reviewed two programs doorman and knock (found in FreeBSD /usr/ports/security)

Doorman Review:
I am unable to figure out how to configure the ability to capture the IP address of where the UDP packet was sent.   Therefore this program does not completely match what I am looking for, or I do not understanding how to configure it.

Knock Review:
This is nice but still requires closing the port as a step when done.  It would be nice to automatically close the ssh port when the user disconnects from the ssh port.  Also I am not clear but I don’t think there is a way to grab the source IP address, right?

Anybody know of other programs I could check out?



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