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Limited data transfer outside local network ..?


I've just installed Fedora Core 5:
Linux dgb33 2.6.17-1.2187_FC5 #1 Mon Sep 11 01:17:06 EDT 2006 i686
i686 i386 GNU/Linux

I am experiencing one of the most slippery problems I've ever
encountered. In short, data transfer from the internet stops after
some initial traffic.

I searched FAQs, Google, forums, ... but nothing remotely similar
comes up.


* Opening a web page: the page is displayed only partly, the build up
simply stops somewhere in the middle
* Doing a CVS command: a small update succeeds, a 'cvs
update' over an entire tree fails after updating a few files, or
even before that. A single file in a single directory succeeds.
* ssh to our web server: after a few commands, sometimes in the
middle of an 'ls' listing, everything stops. I need to kill
the ssh process
* pirut: If I select too many packages (more than a few), things
stop, in the dependency checking or earlier or later.

What does work is most yum work, like 'yum update'. I just
finished a 160 MB yum update without problems  

I've switched off SELinux, all firewalls (we trust everyone
withing and distrust everyone outside the office) and went through
every setup file that seemed to be possibly related to this. I'm
rather convinced this is a Fedora-5 specific problem, because:

1) We have a network of many different distros, including Fedora 3,
Ubuntu, SuSE 8-10.1, both 32/64 bit machines, there's a Mac, a
Solaris machine, and even 3 M$ windows machines ( ) which never give
anything like this
2) This installation is a replacement for a SuSE 10.0 installation -
thus, on the same machine, the SuSE distro had no problem. We just
installed FC5 because we want to support as many Linux variants as
possible (we have an Open Source software project).
At the moment I can work from this machine by running
firefox/thunderbird, CVS and ssh/ftp to the web server on another
machine, everything not needing intenet access is fine. Therefore,
network traffic from within our intranet is 100% OK.
* There is something cutting off network traffic after a certain
amount of bytes is transferred from inside to outside
* The limiting is per-process. That is why yum succeeds: it probably
spawns a new process for each package get, and the get only generates
a lot of traffic inward.
Bert Bril
(see http://opendtect.org [1]

[1] http://opendtect.org

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