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Re: Using fedora on old pc

On Sun, 2006-10-08 at 00:25 +0300, nicolas angel wrote:
> Hi ,
> ---i have an old pc [p3 800mhz,  ~=390 Mb of ram], will it be faster
> if i install fedora core 4 or fc5??
> ---are there any special tweaks that i should apply??[i dont mind
> having an "ugly" desktop]
> are there sites that can help me with this task?
> thanks in advance,

I had upgraded a slower box than that (AMD P3 lookalike) with 64 MB of
ram. Sure, I had to text install it, but FC5 was better than FC4 was for
me. Of course you have to kill Beagle and anything else that's a real
memory hawg. SelLinux went into the dumper quick. Some games have no
chance at all. But, it passed the "Hunt The Wumpus" test with flying
colors, even using ASCII graphics. Be sure the crank is in it's loaded
and locked position, or it will become impossibly slow. KDE worked well
enough. So, stick the FC5 CD in and let her rip. <smiles> Ric

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