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Re: Trouble booting

On Sat, 2006-10-07 at 20:17 -0700, your best nightmare wrote:
> I installed Fedora 5 on my dual boot system. It has Windows and Ubuntu
> linux 6.06, and the boot loader is GRUB. I have each Windows, Ubuntu,
> and Fedora on seperate partitions. During the Fedora installation, I
> initially marked that I would not want my boot menu to be changed,
> thinking that Ubuntu would automatically change it. After Fedora was
> installed, I found that it was not on the grub menu. So, I then booted
> from the Fedora CD again, and selected the update option. When asked
> if I would like to change the boot loader, I said yes. On the next
> screen, Windows and Fedora were listed as operating systems, I added
> Ubuntu. When I got to the screen where Fedora actually started making
> changes, an error message popped up that said a kernel for Fedora was
> not found, and the boot menu would not be changed. After this, I got
> pretty frustrated, and tried manually changing the boot menu from
> inside Ubuntu. None of the configurations worked, and I am still not
> able to boot into Fedora. If anyone would be able to help it would be
> very much appreciated.
> By the way, my Windows is on hda1, my Ubuntu is on hda2, and Fedora is
> on hda4.
You did not say whether hda4 is a primary or extended partition.
AIUI /boot must be in a primary partition for grub to access it.
Also, you can have grub on the MBR for either ubuntu or fedora, but not
both. Then you chainload the other os for booting.
So, AIUI you would have grub for Ubuntu on the MBR and when you
installed Fedora you would install it's grub onto the boot sector for
hda4.  Then chainload Fedora from the Ubuntu grub menu.  I believe I
read that this will give you a grub menu twice, first from the MBR
version (Ubuntu), then from the boot sector version (Fedora).

There has been a lot of discussion here about doing that, but I have no
first-hand experience with it.


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