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Re: Sylpheed-Claws

On Thu, 05 Oct 2006 14:27:23 +0200, wwp wrote:
>> Pardon the delay in responding!
> Hehe no problem, my own reply came nearly one month after your previous one.

>> Yes, sylpheed claws works fine, but I prefer, so far, to use pan for nntp
>> (like this list/group).
> I see. Is that because you were used to pan before trying Sylpheed-Claws?
> Otherwise, would you detail a bit more your comparison of both products with
> regards to NNTP features? Do you use Sylpheed-Claws of email like POP or IMAP?
> Regards,
> -- 
> wwp

I keep meaning to set up POP3 for my gmail accounts, but worry about
mixing up my public spamtrap (this address) with my real, private,
address.  So, I haven't done that, yet.  In the past, I did have pine
configured for POP3 with gmail, and still have that settings file.  Again,
it's the switching roles/addresses which hinders my adoption of that
feature--the potential for human error, on my end, seems large.

In terms of Pan, I like the tabbed browsing feature, wheras sylpheed-claws
seemed (?) to only offer panes.


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