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Re: You are not authorised to read this bug?

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Russell Strong wrote:
I'm not authorised to see this bug?



Is my system at risk?

Is this security through obscurity?

Since when did some fedora users become more equal than others?

This particular security related RFE is not Fedora specific even though it is marked as a Fedora release target. Many RHEL related RFE's and bug reports cannot be disclosed to everyone for business reasons when it appears through partners, things under NDA etc. Red Hat bugzilla is used by both Fedora and RHEL and the original request might have come through RHEL channels but marked as a particular Fedora release target and in such occasions wouldnt always be accessible to everyone.

Sometimes Fedora has to work with other vendors through a policy of responsible disclosure and during that time period, related bug reports might have restricted access based on reporter's choice.



Thanks for the answer.


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