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problems loading bttv module at bootup on FC2

When I booted up one of my FC2 installs after adding an Hauppauge Win TV 
Express PCI card, an entry was automatically made in /etc/modprobe.conf as  
alias char-major-81 bttv

Using xawdecode I got images ok, and /sbin/lsmod showed that the various 
modules to do with bttv were loaded. I had no sound and that's what I've been 
working on for about the last 3 weeks.

I have the TV card working ok on FC3, and Kubuntu with sound now, but for some 
reason FC2 will not load bttv at bootup now. I can load it manually with 
modprobe, along with all the necessary options, and the card works with 
sound, and images.

Anybody have any ideas?  And what is this "char-major-81 bttv" that was 
created when the card was first detected?

During my trying to get the sound working I found a list of these char-major 
entries, but don't know where I found it now. Anyone know?

Very frustrated.


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