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Re: FC5 and SCSI

On Sun, 2006-10-08 at 22:07 +0100, Aaron Gray wrote:
Jeff Vian wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-10-08 at 16:28 +0100, Aaron Gray wrote:
> > Added scsi to grub kernel line, and its not hanging now. Doing a
> > reinstall did not solve the problem, probably needed to do a "linux
> > scsi" or something at install startup ???
> >
> > I did not have to do a "scsi" on the startup command line on our SCSI
> > RAID servers they were fine installing Fedora. Maybe because they > > boot
> > on SCSI ???
> >
> > Anyone set me straight on this area ?
> >
> If the scsi module was not previously loaded then the initrd did not
> know how to configure the new adapters.   Using scsi on the kernel line
> told it to load the scsi modules.
> The servers that had scsi installed when the OS was installed already
> 'knew' about the modules needed.  A server that did not already have
> scsi installed would not automatically load the module so you had to
> tell the kernel scsi was needed.
> To fix that you need to make sure the scsi module is loaded either from
> the kernel line or from a line in modprobe.conf for now. A kernel > update > done after the scsi module is active should put it into the initrd > image
> and should automatically handle that afterward.
Thanks for the explanation.

Does that mean if I install Fedora using 'linux scsi' then it will use
an initrd with scsi drivers installed in the image ?

AFAIK it should.  Maybe someone with experience will chime in, but try
and see. The worst that can happen is it fails again.

I cannot be bothered to do another install.

What I found very off was doing a full install then ending up with a machine that will not boot after UDEV, very disconcerting, all because of a missing scsi on the startup line.

Why the machine hangs when a scsi card in inserted but not installed I do not know.


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