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Re: fc 5: problems installing kino package

On Mon October 9 2006 7:48 am, Pawel wrote:
> I did the following:
> root# yum update --enable=livna mjpegtools
According to man livna, the correct command is:
yum [options] [command] [package ...]
In the above case, additionally, from man yum:

So, IIRC, you should have done:
yum --enablerepo=livna update mjpegtools

Of course, the above is no guarantee that you will end up with the 
mjpegtools package from Livna - yum will pick the most recent 
package it can find, and if there's a more recent package on 
Dries or Freshrpms, then it will install that with your command. 

That's why I use the GUI's Smart and Yumex - it makes it easier in 
my view, to turn off, in your case, the Dries and Freshrpm repos, 
and turn on Livna; then hit the refresh button so you download 
all the latest rpm lists; then, install Kino . With your repos 
configured that way, it should pull in the correct dependencies - 
if it can't it will complain and tell you why. I just installed 
Kino in this exact way about 3-4 days ago. It's possible, if 
you've had Dries/Freshrpms turned on at the same time as Livna, 
that you've created conflicts, so you might have to uninstall 
something to make it all work. According to Stanton Findley who 
you cited earlier, and many others, mixing those repositories on 
a regular basis can lead to conflicts. I haven't, to my 
knowledge, ever created package conflicts using those repos, but,  
I never have all three turned on at the same time, so I can't 
speak personally to the problem. 

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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