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Re: rpm check script problem

On Monday, Oct 9th 2006 at 11:58 -0400, quoth Tony Nelson:

=>At 11:46 PM +0800 10/9/06, ???? wrote:
=>>2006/10/9, Dan Track <dan track gmail com>:
=>>> Hi
=>>> I've got a script that should check which rpms are installed on the
=>>> system. Part of the script involves using file descriptors. I'm having
=>>> trouble understanding these file descriptors and was hoping someone
=>>> can clarify my mistake. As a simple script I wrote the following:
=>>> #!/bin/bash
=>>> $filename=$1
=>>> $filename1=$2
=>>> exec 9<&0 < $filename
=>>The line in the script "exec 9<&0 <$filename" means "first copy fd0 to
=>>fd9, then redirect file to fd0", so in the following lines of the
=>>script fd9 is always the stdin.
=>According to the Wikipedia link
=>    exec 9<$filename
=>seems more likely.

We still don't know what the goal is. All we have is a something that the 
author thought should do what he wants but doesn't work.

Look, exec 9< $filename will redirect $filename to stdin for the duration 
of the process. exec < $filename 9<&0 will do the same thing but will save 
the value of descriptor zero for the purpose of restoration. It's all a 
question of what you want to do.

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