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Re: firefox and cnn?

<tomhorsley adelphia net> wrote:

It is apparently one of the scripts being run on the page as using the
noscript plug-in allows me to view the page (no I haven't tried to watch
a video or anything yet.  need someone to test this with all other
browsers and t a message to CNNs IT guys.

I just temporarily renamed the libflashplayer.so file and the spike
in cpu goes away. Rename it back, and the spike comes back.
It looks like the flash ad for cisco is doing it (no doubt a clever ploy
on cisco's part to make your computer act bogged down so their
consultants can tell you what you need are new routers  :-) .

I got tired of all the spin on CNN so some time ago I started hitting the BBC international page instead. Better coverage of the "rest of the world" and a lot less spin for U.S. news. I went back to CNN last night after the North Koreans tested their a-bomb to see if they had any additional coverage. Couldn't even click through to the full article due to the Cisco advertisement. I guess I'll stick with the Beeb.


Politics, n. Strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles.
-- Ambrose Bierce

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