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Re: pre-release & general availibity release

charles f. zeitler wrote:
what's the difference(s)
between them?

charles zeitler

The pre-release is aimed at making the general availability release better. Usually there are only three releases for testing before the general release. - Test1 is for the first release that contains newer items as well as not containing discontinued programs or programs that moved to Fedora-Extras. - Test2 is a refinement of the relatively untested test1 run. New programs are still allowed. I assume packages can be reverted to earlier versions if problems arise or packages moved/discontinued at this stage. - Test3 is a feature freeze stage where no new packages should be introduced. Just refinements of packages should happen. - FC6-pre was introduced because of wanting to allow more testers the ability to actually install the test editions. Some problems prevented successful installation of test3. This was an out of the ordinary release. - General availability release. This should be refined with input from more testers allowed from the additional pre-release run. There are some bugs like one for the Matrox video card that might need special handling to get the installer to complete. The most noted change is that an option to the installer that allows using different video drivers has changed. The old "linux vesa" option. (If it existed) was chjanged to "linux xdriver=vesa" - With this change, you can choose xdriver=intel for example or a driver which you know works for your system.

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