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Re: [OT]: Limited data transfer outside local network ..?

David G. Miller wrote:
George Arseneault <george_arseneault2001 yahoo com> wrote:

--- "David G. Miller" <dave davenjudy org> wrote:

They finally sent a service tech out to check the
problem. Turns out a squirrel had chewed through part of cat5 line to the
antenna.  They replaced the line and I coated it with hot sauce
(Cold Cap to be exact).  Hopefully, the neighborhood squirrels don't
like spicy food.

Sorry but, a friend just pointed out that squirrels
and birds do not taste 'heat'.

Your friend is half correct. Birds do not "taste" pepper heat; mammals do. Could be that rodents such as squirrels also aren't affected but I'd be surprised. These folks:


have based their business on squirrels not liking hot stuff.


Way off topic, but I have to relate about a parakeet I had when I was a child 60 years ago. This parakeet had the run of the house as he was basicly a people person, never really understanding why we didn't fly around the place like he could.

We kept a can of Babo, the abrasive/cleansing/bleaching powder on the windowsill above the kitchen sink. This bird discovered it, and kept the top of that can absolutely sparkling clean by licking the powder off the can as soon as he could. We thought it might hurt him, but he survived for about a decade, finally making it through the screen door one warm summer day when a visitor held it open too long.

Cheers, Gene

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