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Re: How to create a DVD image with very large files?

William W. Austin ha scritto:
On 2006-10-04 at 08:31:28, Mogens Kjaer <mk crc dk> wrote:

Patrick Doyle wrote:
For some reason, this makes me think that mkisofs isn't happy with
6.5 Gbyte tarball.

I think this is a limitation with the ISO 9660 standard.

So a 64 bit machine, etc. etc. won't help.

Try making a UDF file system instead.


I had thought it was just a 32-bit limitation, so out of curiosity I tried it on a 64-bit system. Oops: mkisofs (x86_64) fails to make the file. After looking at (and older version of) the code, I believe that P. Doyle is correct.

If the UDF file system is *NOT* an option for some reason, then an alternative would be to use split to break the tar file into multiple (for instance just under 2GB) pieces:

    split -b 2047M -d FILE.tar TAR-part.

That command line will give you output files like

    TAR-part.00 TAR-part.01 ... TAR-part.## (last one).

Then make the iso and burn the DVD. When you want to access the original tar file on the DVD, simply

    cat TAR-part.* | tar xvf -

which will let you extract the archive as if it had never been split.

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