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Re: system-config-httpd vs /etc/httpd/conf.d

Phil Meyer wrote:

In the recent past we have recommended system-config-httpd to novice administrators to assist them in setting up virtual hosts. It is allot easier to use and understand than the 'webmin' equivalents (IMNSHO).

However, with a fully updated FC5 this no longer works. I am not certain which version of what broke it.

The symptoms are:

1. system-config-httpd creates a monolothic /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file.
   2.   The virtual hosts (by name) are ignored.
3. Cut and paste the virtual hosts section(s) into file(s) in /etc/httpd/conf.d and all is well. 4. No means of configuring system-config-httpd to use /etc/httpd/conf.d is apparent.

Any advice, or good options (NOT webmin)?

Answering my own question so as to reduce confusion for others. :)

The answer was entering '*' in the VirtualHost field (instead of IP:port) for virtual hosting by name. Even *:80 is incorrect now.

If you put an IP address there, the server can only assume that all hosts at this IP address share the same DocumentRoot.

Sorry for any confusion. The tool: system-config-httpd works; it was user error on our part for not remembering the rules correctly. Or maybe the rules got tighter recently, but it still makes sense.

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