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Re: My Printer has quit; suggestions appreciated.


Printer stated again.  But strange, strange.

Had to shut down the computer to get my printer working -- some
cancelled documents printed others didn't.  The Document print queue
Status dialogue didn't show some queued documents, refused to cancel
others.  And lots of other stuff that doesn't make sense.  If anyone is
interested I'll post the details.

On Tue, 2006-10-10 at 16:00 -0400, William Case wrote:
> Hi;
> 'cups-config-daemon' kept reloading and mis-loading my printer at login
> so I turned the config-daemon off.  Everything was fine.  I turned the
> cups-config-daemon back on in a rash moment and now all my printers are
> screwed up.
> I have an HP psc 1315 which is still working fine in WindowsXP.  On
> Fedora it is configured using the FC5 printer gui as:
> Name: psc-1310-series (the d-bus daemon doesn't recognize the name so
> adds its own version of the printer)
> Queue Type: Locally connected
> 	hp:/usb/psc_1310_series?serial=CN45pb613F02
> Queue Options: 'Standard' option name scp-fc5  True
> Driver: PSC 1310 hpijs
> Driver Options: Effective Filter Locale   C
> 	Resolution etc: 300 dpi, Color, Color Cartr.
> 	Page Size: Letter
> 	Model:	HP PSC 1310
> 	Printout Mode: Normal (Color Cartridge)
> Refuses to print; Printer's Check Cartridges warning light flashes.
> -- 
> Regards Bill
Regards Bill

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