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Re: Initscripts with and encrypted partition

Louis Garcia wrote:
I just made an encrypted partition with cryptsetup which creates
a /dev/mapper/sda5 file. I formatted this ext3, this is for my /home
partition. Well I close the partition and rebooted, Now the system wont
boot, it hangs at Checking filesystems: It's looking
for /dev/mapper/sda5 which is not present.

How can the system ignore this partition? I think it part of
initscripts. Does it look at /etc/fstab?

/dev/mapper/sda5        /home       ext3   noauto     1 2

This is not present until cryptsetup luksOpen.

Any suggestions?


Two things:

1. You might want to review the 'luksopen' script at the dm-crypt wiki:


and this entry by John Maher, which is specific to FC5:


2. Modify the entry in /etc/fstab to

  /dev/mapper/sda5        /home       ext3   noauto     0 0

Changing the '1 2' to '0 0' will disable the boot time checking.

There is also a dedicated dm-crypt/LUKS e-mail list. More info at:



Marc Schwartz

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