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Re: bsnl broadband setup

On 10/10/06, yogesh banasdairy coop <yogesh banasdairy coop> wrote:
i have a proxy server
early i get internet from tata
now days i get broad band connection of internet from bsnl
i have a cat6 cable came from modem to my pc eth0
i have only username and passwd
so how can i create connection to that broadband
please any one give me some idea
i try with pppoE but i not get successed
also my server have no gui mode
all are in terminal

  This question would be better answered if posted in your local LUG.
Your problem is a Local ISP configuration issue and somebody who uses
that ISP would be able to give you a more exact answer, I would
suggest the Gujrat LUG. Their forums should have threads on howto
configure BSNL Dataone Boradband.


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