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Re: Some really dumb printer configuration questions?

Thanks for responding Grumpy_Penguin.

But it seems we are off on the yellow brick road again.

On Tue, 2006-10-10 at 21:13 -0700, Grumpy_Penguin wrote:
> On Tuesday 10 October 2006 08:28 pm, William Case wrote:
> > Thanks for responding Grumpy_Penguin;
> >
> Download the HPLIP from 
> http://hplip.sourceforge.net/
> follow the install instructions
> then use CUPS to configure it
> I have had no trouble with it  on either Fedora core 5 or Mandrake or even on 
> Debian [Puppy Linux was a B***h to get running tho]
> >

Whereis tells me I already have hplip.

" # whereis hplip
hplip: /usr/share/hplip "

" # rpm -qva hplip

" # yum list installed hplip
hplip.i386      1.6.6a-1.1             installed"

And as I said, CUPS (631) lists 'HPLIP - Fax' as a driver, but chokes
when I choose it.  CUPS's pick for the psc 1315 is the driver for HP
PhotoSmart 1000.  Meanwhile, Fedora printer-config gui doesn't even give
HPLIP as an option but restricts me to hpijs.

By the way, after flashing at me for over an hour, my 'check cartridge'
warning light on my printer has stopped flashing and I can now print.
The computer gnomes are at work.

While that is temporarily satisfying, it leaves me uncomprehending what
is going on.

Regards Bill

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