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Re: Fw: What happened to OO AutoCorrect ?

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Wednesday 11 October 2006 15:29, Jonathan Allen wrote:


I asked on the OO Users list about the Autocorrect facility in OO:

ME> I keep wondering where AutoCorrect has gone.

OO> It's still there in the original OOo builds.

ME> It is still documented in the help system, but when you try
ME> Tools->AutoCorrect, the 'Replacement' tab is not present (this on
ME> OO 2.0 on FC4).

OO> If so, it seems RedHat preferred to remove the functionality in their
OO> build.

Can anyone else confirm either the behaviour or the decision ?  Why isn't
the functionality there, and if it had to go, why not remove it from the
help system ?

I can confirm that there is no Replacement tab on my FC4 system. I don't use autocorrection, so I hadn't noticed.


Where in the name of Richard Stallman has everybody /been/? The AutoCorrect Replacement tab has not been available in OpenOffice since Fedora Core /One/! As a result, I have never been able to produce a one-character ellipsis without inserting it as a special character and then finding-and-replacing every instance of three periods with the ellipsis.

Nor have I been able to achieve automatic replacement of (c) or (R) with the circle-c and circle-R copyright and registered-trademark symbols.

Auto-correction has been one of my most important features. Doing without the Replacement tab has been for me a constant source of annoyance--made worse because I didn't know whom to complain to about it.

What I really would like to know is: where do I go to put the functionality /back/ into OpenOffice? Must I remove OpenOffice entirely and then rebuild it from source using a tarball from OpenOffice.org?


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