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Re: Linux home data center challenge :-)

Tom Horsley wrote:
> I was just speculating how hard it would be to turn my Fedora
> box (which is up all the time) into the central system all
> my other computers go to for information (smtp, dns, imap, dhcp,
> etc).

David Fletcher wrote:
> This is something I also fancy doing sometime, but I would question whether 
> Fedora is the best distribution for the purpose. What is needed IMHO is 
> something that once set up will be extremely stable and won't need to be 
> upgraded for a long time. Because of the relatively rapid fire release
> cycle of Fedora it is great for the desktop where you want all the
> latest stuff but not necessarily for a server.

It rather depends on what the whole point of the server is. If it's to
be a stable, long-term, "mission-critical" bit of kit, then yes, it most
certainly is worth getting a distribution that thinks that way.

But since Tom wants a learning experience, he may well get a better one
out of using Fedora. This is especially true if he wants to keep up on
recent developments in the server world (recent versions of programs,
current "best fit" programs -- he'd have got Dovecot relatively early,,
for example, integrating anti-spam and anti-virus technology, etc).

For that reason, I do *most* of the above on Fedora.


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