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Re: FC5 copy to SD card fails

Antonio Montagnani wrote:
2006/10/6, Tony Nelson <tonynelson georgeanelson com>:

At 7:31 AM +0200 10/6/06, Antonio Montagnani wrote:
>I am experiencing (only start to investigate) that if I copy large
>files (100 MB) to SD card by my integrate card slot on the laptop,
>copy sometimes says that it is finished but only some files are
>Same procedure in Windows with same files and same slot is o.k.
>Small number of files (let us say from a Digital Reflex, i.e. 30 files
>of 10 MB each) are o.k, but I copy from SD to PC....
>Further investigations will follow

This sort of thing has been covered several times recently. The card icon will disappear from the desktop even if all the data has not been written. If you use the command line to unmount the card, that command will wait for
the copy to finish.
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Tnx a lot. Never noticed before yesterday, I am not an hard user of SD
cards apart from Digital Cameras.  ;-)

For more details see


Robin Laing

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