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Re: Intel(r) Core™2 Duo Processors"

On 10/10/06, John Mahowald <jpmahowald gmail com> wrote:
On 10/5/06, Robert F. Chapman <robert_chapman maximhq com> wrote:
> What are the advantages of running the i386 kernel on a dual core 2,
> over the x86_64 kernel?  I just bought a Dell laptop that has the dual
> core 2 and would like to know if running the i386smp kernel would be a
> better way to go.

The same reason why you might use i386 on any x86_64 capable machine,
that multi lib is a bit trickier. Some propietary Firefox plugins are
i386 only, for example, requiring you install firefox.i386. Some don't
want to ever think about things like this. Which is fine if you don't
push the limits of 32 bits.

What exactly is considered pushing the limits of 32 bit? I'm also
considering upgrading to the Duo processor, and I'm not sure how to
decide whether to go with i386 or x86_64. I mostly use Kmail, Firefox,
F-Spot, Skype, Kate, AmaroK, and the K Office suit. Every now and then
I'll watch a DVD in Kaffiene, burn a DVD or CD in K3B, or edit a photo
in Photoshop on wine. What benefits will I see with 64 bit?

Dotan Cohen


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