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Hi all,

I am new to this group and fairly new to Administering Linux even though I am a System Administrator for the past 3 years working with Linux. But as you all know...3 years Linux experience is not always enough! Hehe!

Anyway, I did something realy stupid the other day without realising what I was doing. I wanted to change a folders permissions, owner and group within the /var folder and by accident (not concentrating...) I changed the whole /var folder's permissions to 0777 and the owner as root and the group root. And I did it recursively! Now everything is a mess and some of my programs like sendmail, clamav spamass-milter, etc does not want to work.

Now, there are alot of domains and email acocunts on the system so I can't really reload even though I know that is about the only way to do that.

I need urgent help! Please, anyone with any ideas, please, this is your chance to help someone in desperate need!

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