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Re: Intel(r) Core™2 Duo Processors"

On 12/10/06, James Wilkinson <fedora aprilcottage co uk> wrote:
What I meant was "why are you upgrading, and what are you currently
finding slow?"

I often have at least five programs open (Firefox, Kmail, amaroK,
Kopete, and F-Spot), and this 1.2 gHz AMD Duron machine, even with 1GB
of RAM, is dead-slow. Programs take forever to open, webpages take
forever to load.

I know that I've got a bad mix of KDE and Gnome apps, but there are
KDE apps (Kate) that I just can't replace, and there are Gnome apps
(F-Spot) that I have yet to find comparable KDE apps for. And although
Firefox is GTK-based, there are extensions that I just can't live
without. I've tried many times to move to Konqueror.

I know that throwing hardware at the problem is not the answer, but in
the future I only expect my loads to increase (Skype is open often
too, now). A machine that will handle it is nessaccary.

Dotan Cohen


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