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RE: Intel(r) CoreT2 Duo Processors"

Only my opinion here, but discs are always the slowest part of the system as
a general rule. The Dell Inspiron 2200 I'm writing this on is slower than
the Vaio my Dad uses even though the Vaio has a slower processor. He's got a
SATA hard drive in that little laptop. My Dell is only a ATA100 5400RPM

You've got to get it off the disc before anything else can happen...

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On 12/10/06, Rob Brown-Bayliss <uncertain genius gmail com> wrote:
> I was recently thinking about upgrading to a cor duo, but decided not 
> to as my current p42.8 with a gig of ram is fast enough once things 
> are loaded.  I did some experiments and as far as I can tell the 
> loading speed is a disk IO issue, if I upgraded the cpu the disks will 
> still be the bottle neck.

By what method did you determine this? I'd like to run some similar tests.

Dotan Cohen


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