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Re: Converter from pdf to djvu

On 10/12/06, Robin Laing <Robin Laing drdc-rddc gc ca> wrote:
>> > I am looking for a converter (preferably with available rpm) from pdf
>> > to djvu. Any ideas?
>> djvulibre (available from extras) should contain a script called
>> any2djvu.sh
>> which apparently uploads your pdf to http://any2djvu.djvuzone.org and
>> downloads the converted document. If this isn't good enough for you,
>> take a look at
>> http://www.djvuzone.org/support/tutorial/chapter-compress.html#compr-soft
>> and see if you find something better there.
> Thanks, Andras. The script any2djvu, unfortunately, does not protect
> our privacy, as the conversion is made outside our computer.

A quick Google search found these.


Thanks, Robin. I had also used Google, but with no success.


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