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Re: thoughts on LWN "how many Fedora users are there"

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Morgan Read wrote:
>> Hello Max
>> It is with some irony that I follow the link to the LWN article below
>> only to
>> find that it is _closed_ to (unpaid) non-subscribers.  I was about to
>> draw
>> attention to this irony with a short and curt message to the LWN
>> editor, but
>> thought it better I somehow access the material in discussion first -
>> can you
>> provide a link to an _open_ copy of the article please?  Perhaps a
>> follow-up on
>> announce list?
> I already pointed out to Max that this is a subscribed only link but he
> had the impression that the message needs to be conveyed anyway.  Here
> is a link that doesnt require you to be a subscriber -
> http://lwn.net/SubscriberLink/203694/dab52f06fe38ff16/
> Rahul

Morgan Read

fedora: Freedom Forever!

"By choosing not to ship any proprietary or binary drivers, Fedora does differ
from other distributions. ..."
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