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RE: Default Route question when there are two nic cards

John Austin <ja jaa org uk> wrote:

Hi Dave

I agree with everything you say !!!!!!!
I am just not convinced that a GATEWAY statement in
is necessary to achieve the required route table.


I vaguely remember that, at some point, not specifying a gateway didn't work. This memory could be from as far back as Red Hat 5 (@1998) so it's entirely possible that things have changed since then. It could be that the network setup logic has gotten smarter and recognizes that a default gateway is already defined or the specified gateway is local. Also, the suggested solution of using a GATEWAY directive in /etc/sysconfig/network may now be the preferred solution for this type of setup.

Unfortunately, testing to see what happens knocks me off the air. If I get a chance, I'll try removing the GATEWAY setting from ifcfg-eth1 and bounce the network.


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