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Re: Boot fails after change of motherboard (using LVM)

On 10/12/2006 12:21 PM Jeff Voskamp wrote:
Rob Andrews wrote:
On 12-Oct-2006 17:15.19 (BST), Jeff Voskamp wrote:
> Boot the machine with the rescue CD, and get the postinstall and > preuninstall scripts using " rpm -q kernel --scripts". > Rerun them (preuninstall first) and you'll have a shiny new initrd which > should do the trick.

You can get the same effect with the mkinitrd(8) tool.

mkinitrd /boot/initrd-<version> <version>

(where version is, for example, 2.6.18-1.2759.fc6)
True enough - it's actually called from new-kernel-pkg, but I was worried about potential side effects.


This sounded like a great idea and I had hoped it to solve my problem. Unfortunately it didn't work and I am still getting the same error message after restarting the system
    Red Hat nash version 4.2.15 starting
     Reading all physical volumes. This may take a while ...
     No volume groups found
     Unable to find volume group "VolGroup00"

Is there anything else I could possibly try?
Is there still a chance the postinstall/preuninstall might work instead?


    Volker Englisch

mailto:Volker Englisch us    (h)

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