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Re: Intel(r) Core?2 Duo Processors"

On 13/10/06, Tony Nelson <tonynelson georgeanelson com> wrote:
The common wisdom is that EXT2/3 are not affected by fragmentation, but
without much real-world proof that this is so.  The EXT2/3 filesystem
metadata was designed to be not much affected by fragmentation, but that
says little about the file data.  I read an article / webpage (that I can't
find right now) by someone who decided to experiment with new and used EXT2
filesystems, and found a substatial slowdown.  He was inspired to try this
because he noticed that his computer sped up when given a fresh filesystem.
You could try backing up and restoring to a fresh filesystem.  If you
spring for a new computer you'll back up and restore to the new computer.
Either way you'll get a fresh new filesystem.

What about JFS? I was recommended to convert to JFS by the only linux
guru that I personally know. Any comments on it?

Dotan Cohen


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